The Force. A hope or need?

What is it that drives you? What is it that makes you get up everyday and pushes you forward? Are you running towards something or running away from something? Or you are from those lucky few who believe that they live in the moment, act instinctively and don’t care about the world? Well, in any case there is still something that makes you want yourself. There is  a hunger that needs to be satisfied. A task to be accomplished. A special someone to meet. Everyday you get up with a hope that today will be better than whatever before. But, what is it that you do to make that hope come true? What magic do you try to make your day magical? What step, what path, what decision do you take to make a difference? Hope is too mainstream to be a driving force. If you need to go on, then find a better reason than hope. Take a step you wouldn’t dare too. Love someone because you want to. Hang out with people you like to. Shout in the middle of a crowded street because you feel like.
Be the driving force in your life. Be the change. Let yourself, your mind, your body free.
Believe not in hope, but in yourself.
Drive yourself, wake up because you want to not because you hope to.


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