The Flip.

Its strange how sometimes we tend to feel sad, lonely and unhappy simply because its better than feeling empty. Be as strong as a rock they say. But is it really necessary? What is wrong in letting out all the emotions; all that stuff that you keep locked up inside. I think its no use hiding stuff. Let it all out. Let people know. Give them time to understand. Tell them who you really are. Believe that people can still care. Acknowledge that you are not alone.
All this is easier said than done. Right? Well, yes in a way it is easier to say all this but after having implemented it on myself I feel its good to take that one hard step.
Empty. Today I feel empty. Right now I feel empty. When I started writing this post. I felt empty. Not that I have no one who would talk to me or sit around. I even have tons of things lined up to finish but somehow I still feel empty. Even after letting out and doing whatever is written above. I still feel empty. I don’t know why. am I sad or am I happy to an extent beyond realization? I even don’t know why I am writing this. I guess its because of hope. Hope for a better day. Hope for more. Hope for hope itself. How mind flips from one thing to another is amazing. How, I automatically started feeling better now. The flip is amazing. Its like this safety mechanism of the mind from itself.
So, now I am happy. Happy for the fact that I wrote. Happy for the fact that I am not alone. Happy for the fact that someone will know that I was empty. Happy for the fact that someone will care. Happy for the fact that there is always hope.


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