Seems like a poem

I can’t get this smile off my face when I think of you.
And your face keeps popping up in my head again and again
I like the way we have played with each other for the past few days, makes me look forward to coming all the way to you, even when I haven’t slept all night.
I like you when we shake hands we don’t let go.
I like you ordering me around when you can. I like the unsaid conversations we have each time there is an eye contact.
I like the fact that no matter how engrossed we are in our work, we try not to miss a single chance to steal that loving glance at each other.
I like how everyone just disappears temporarily when you are around.
I like how my heart skips a beat every once in a while when talking to you.
I like how you call me to you or find reasons to come to me.
I like that there is a chance that you’ll teach me how to dance. I also like the idea of stuffing you with food until you are about to burst and then making you laugh till your stomach hurts.
I like the idea of sharing my golgappa plate with you.

I feel those butterflies for you. I feel those goosebumps. I feel the blush and the rush. I feel… Happy for and with you.


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