Nothing that pains

We define pain for ourselves.
When we are overpowered by emotions.
When we hurt.
When we break, shatter, crumble.
When we miss someone or something.
When we are incomplete just by ourselves.
When we introspect.
When we talk.
When we share.
When we live.

But what about the pain that doesn’t hurt?

The pain that you cannot feel.
The pain that is invisible.
The pain that doesn’t make you feel shattered, crumbled, broken.
The pain that doesn’t make you feel incomplete.
The pain we cannot find even when we look for it.
The pain which is not talked about or shared or even acknowledged.
The pain that comes when your life slowly gets drained of emotions.
The pain that comes with the smile on your face.
The pain that hides behind happiness and fun in your daily life.
The pain that sucks the life out of you even when you are living it to the fullest.
The pain that comes when you stop feeling things altogether.
The pain that is a whole lot of empty.
The pain that is a nothing.
The pain that is not painful.

Do you feel that pain sometimes?

Do you have the nothing that pains?

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