MORE. 365 Degrees.

Around two years ago, I was sitting around my hostel room wondering what I wanted to do in life. I had a few friends who were telling me how bored the are from life. There was this one who said he wanted to learn new things. Having all this in mind I sat there thinking, how do I not get bored and at the same time do something insanely productive. That flash of moment I wanted MORE. More out of my life, more knowledge, more experience, more enjoyment, more fun. Also, I realized that I cannot do it alone, because well, the more the better.
So, I called up a small group of people I knew then and just said that lets do something MORE, something more than sitting around and hence was born the idea which you now know as ‘365 Degrees’ It was mid next  year when a friend of mine joined in and finally wrote it down and defined MORE. The more which we call the driving force behind 365 Degrees. The MORE that makes people believe in us, connect with us and well be us. The more that says that we want to make the world more creative. Make it more musical, more colorful, more readable, more photogenic, more logical, more innovative. We dream to be the very meaning of creativity for the people around us. We wish to inspire them to be MORE. To be MORE with us. To support us, to trust us and to grow along with us.

365 Degrees… Why do the ordinary.



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