Well, how do you define a kiss?
Some would simply call it a saliva exchange between two individuals involving repeated lip movement with occasional tongue support.
But, for some others it is different.
When you ask these people how they felt when they kissed,
they would probably say something along the lines of

“It was ecstatic! The moment I felt her lips touching mine, my body went numb for a few seconds.
My mind was unable to process what was happening.
Our lips hugged each other’s as if they were waiting to be loved all their life.
Holding each other with such  perfection.
A kiss is not just a kiss, it’s a confession, an unsaid one, but expressive none the less. What it confesses is something everyone should keep note of.
A kiss is a way of saying, ‘Right now, in this moment I am all yours.
There is no other place I would rather be. No other person I would rather be with.
You are the only one on my mind and I don’t want to let you go away’.”

So, the next time someone professes something like this to you, don’t just assume that it’s just a saliva exchange, because it’s much more than that.

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