Hot Chocolate thoughts

Breathing in the cool winter breeze, at the foothills of one of the most beautiful mountain ranged in the world one begins to wonder about life and so did I. Of course with a cup of hot chocolate to keep my company.

What was I doing? Why is the world so materialistic? Why is it so important for everyone to have stability in life? What would it feel like to reach the top of that mountain? Who told mom about the wet sock incident when I was 8 years old? These were some questions in the back of my mind. But the most engrossing idea among all this was something really simple. It was just one word ‘Enjoy’.

Now being jovial and happy all the time is an entirely different concept altogether. Enjoying, however, is simple. You can enjoy everything in your life. Be it the sad moments or the happy ones. Be it a breathtaking view or a life threatening sport, learning to enjoy it is important. Accepting that your life, now is better than it would have been, had you let the cookie stay in the milk a little longer that day. There are some decisions your regret and some decisions you feel proud about, but memories, incidents, and stories are not decisions. Those are what define you. Measure life by the number of stories you have in your storybook to narrate. And of course, you already know how to make some epic stories.

Don’t ever forget to enjoy.


Some pics from my vacation that I spent riding in and around Dharamshala and Kangra region in Himachal.
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