Construkt Festival Bangalore!

Some of you peeps already know that I had gone for Construkt festival, Bangalore as a speaker to share my knowledge about ‘How to give one? A presentation.’

Well, trust me, it did not go as I expected it. I sucked. I didn’t even like my session. It hit me hard and got me to think, am I really as good as I claim? and the answer was a plain and simple no. So, I decided to at least live up to my own expectations. I have made it a point to become better, to push myself to the next level. To actually become more. Sorry, if I disappointed you that day, but you know, the next time you guys come over to watch me speak, I will put up a show good enough to amaze you all and myself too! Because if there is one thing that I believe in, it is “I can grow only, if I choose to change. If I choose to be more. If I take myself to the next level. If I go from awesome to legendary!”
So, here is to learning from mistakes and believing that you still are the best thing in the world, because you are.

P.S: Here are a few pics that summarize the session.

Camera360_2015_2_28_092526 FB_20150216_00_37_02_Saved_Picture FB_20150305_09_54_27_Saved_Picture


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