A Jagged beginning.

Jagged Fantasies is not only about design. Its more about a process. A state of mind. A way of thought. Its about how I think and what I believe in. You will not get the ‘Best’ or the ‘most engrossing’ things here. What you should expect here is how in the due course of time the way I think will change. You can feel me changing and you can change along with me too, because change is good. Change is necessary.
Well, same is the case with love. you can love once. You can love over and over again. But what is important is to love. You cannot just stop. You should not. As many people think.. Love is not a heavy word. Love is the easiest emotion to feel. Every positive emotion is love and most of the negative ones too. Love is not meant to confuse you, it clears things for you. Love is your sub-conscious trying to tell you what you should do. If there has been a moment you loved don’t regret it, don’t ponder over it later and cry. Feel happy because at that moment there was nothing else that could have made you happy. Love is in the laughter of your friends, its in the hidden tears too. Its in hiding stuff from your loved ones and in going all crazy with them. So, when you feel you are alone go out and talk to anyone because that will make you feel loved. Love and be loved. Enjoy. Don’t cry. Be amazing. Be you. Change still. And love more.

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