A friend from Kerala

Can anyone tell me why I should not go to Kerala! You see there is this friend of mine (from Kerala) of course who has bugged me to visit the place at least once and I have tried my best to avoid the topic ever since.
Why would I do that you ask? Well, guess what I am a college student and the only consistent thing about a college student after the low grades is that they are practically always broke!
But you know, this friend I am talking about is shrewd at times. I have been told all about the place. Starting with the normal ones like the beauty, the sea, the backwaters, the food, the languages spoken, the lake houses and the sanctuaries and what not. And when all this seemed to have failed, things went to an entirely different level. I have been told about the competitions in Kerala, fests in Kerala,  M.Tech colleges in Kerala (this one is an actual list sent to me!), Job opportunities in Kerala and whatever they can possibly irritate you with. So, I ask you all for help. Can you give me at least one good reason to not visit Kerala in the next two months because it’ holiday season coming and I doubt that I’ll be able to resist myself anymore!



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